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things you can mad at instead of the ~*obesity epidemic*~

  • the poverty epidemic
  • the unemployment epidemic
  • the racism epidemic
  • the white man epidemic
  • the transmisogyny epidemic
  • the u.s. drone epidemic
  • the expensive education epidemic
  • the rapist epidemic
  • the colonialist epidemic
  • the victim blaming epidemic
  • the bootstraps epidemic
  • the condescending yuppie epidemic

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corinthes replied to your post “lol is anyone actually talking about doctor who or does nobody talk…”

i watched deep breath and i just… hated it immensely oh my god. capaldi tried his best but there’s only so much you can do with that writing.

i actually thought deep breath was the best the show has been in ages. to go from the standard of writing in TotD, to the standard of writing in deep breath seemed miraculous to me. there were bits i objected to - not least the sometimes literally nonsensical dialogue and the needless comments on gender - but overall i was amazed at how much i liked it! so much of that was down to capaldi though.


vermontparnasse replied to your post “lol is anyone actually talking about doctor who or does nobody talk…”

I still haven’t watched the new one but I’m reading whatever reviews are on my dash. thoughts?

i think the show (or its lead writer) seems a bit re-energised by the new doctor, and the show seems to be trying a bit harder. that said, there seems to be a hell of a lot of recycling going on. this week’s dalek episode was the second episode in a row that has been a direct sequel to an rtd-era episode, and that seems wrong when the show has a brand new doctor.



"You don’t need to be liked, you’ve got all the guns," is probably the best unintentional metaphor for privilege that Steven Moffat will ever accidentally write!

Are you really going to pretend that he wasn’t aware of it instead of just giving him credit for a good line?

I never said it wasn’t a good line, but I’m going to take it at face value as a pithy comment on the army, rather than Steven Moffat making a comment on privilege.


but if jenny and vastra were the inspiration for sherlock holmes and jago and litefoot were the inspiration for sherlock holmes and sherlock holmes is also an actual person THEN WHO’S FLYING THE PLANE

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