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it astounds me to see people — women!! — bend over backwards to defend the doctor routinely calling his (young, slim, beautiful) companion ugly, fat, too old for love, undesirable, etc

what kind of assbackwards loyalty do you have to this franchise and/or showrunner that you…

this is a good point u r making, but the i think the idea of it is to illustrate that the doctor is _not_ human and doesn’t have the same conceptions. also i think they are best friends and clara doenst take him seriously, its more like teasing or she takes it as such because if she couldnt take it then he would stop. so it may not seem ok but as long as clara isnt affected isnt it showing people that you dont have to take things seriousy.  however i do think he is even more rude, but it is just an escalation of prevoius rudeness in his other lives. at least clara is very important in th storyline and is not just a damsel in distress. i love the show because it is amazing and i will not allow some questionalbe dialogue deter me. 

you can demonstrate that the doctor isn’t human without having him insult a woman’s appearance. and really, a man cutting down a woman for how she looks — specifically using terms like “old”, “short”, “fat” — is pretty damn human. nothing alien about that. that’s just straight up regular human dickery. if twelve is really so “alien”, surely he wouldn’t KNOW (or care) whether or not clara is beautiful by human standards, rather than repeatedly insinuating she isn’t. 

clara being affected by it isn’t really the point because clara’s not a real person with real feelings, she’s a character. real people with real feelings are watching the show and being offended by how she’s being treated, and being offended by the notion that the hero of this show might call them old/ugly/fat to their faces. plus since these lines are used for humour, it’s teaching people that these kinds of insults are oh-so-funny. they’re not. and not every woman is going to be as confident as fictional clara oswald and be able to shrug off those kinds of comments.

this isn’t about loving or not loving doctor who — i love doctor who, i just know it can do better and be better in some respects than it currently is. like in this respect. you can love doctor who and still say “yeah, that’s messed up”. there’s no need to defend it, the way i have seen some people doing.

(as a side note, since i keep listing “fat” here as a derogatory term — i don’t believe it should be, but the fact remains that a) the prevalent societal notion is that fat=bad, especially for women, b) the way twelve uses it isn’t neutral, and c) jenna louise coleman is not even remotely kind of maybe sort of almost “fat”. she is very very thin. calling her fat is not furthering any sort of fat acceptance movement.)

 a man cutting down a woman for how she looks — specifically using terms like “old”, “short”, “fat” — is pretty damn human. nothing alien about that. that’s just straight up regular human dickery.


I seriously cannot believe we even have to have this conversation. 

Look, fandom, if you want to see a good example of an ~alien~ Doctor talking about how a woman looks you need look no further than Four’s “You’re a beautiful woman, probably.” from City of Death. It’s that simple. Either don’t have the Doctor comment on a human’s relative attractiveness/ability to get a human date, or have him do so in a way that clearly communicates that he has no idea one way or the other. 

It’s so blatantly clear to me that there’s absolutely no reason to look for any zebras to explain this habit of Twelve’s when the horse of Malcolm Tucker is right there. LIke seriously do we really think it is such a HUUUUUGE coinkydink when the character that Peter Capaldi was most beloved for prior to Doctor Who was a highly intelligent, powerful Scot who insulted literally everyone and professed to care about no one? 

And I love The Thick of It as much as anyone (perhaps more), but Malcolm Tucker was the central character on a show in which absolutely everyone is awful, the entire point is to satirise the corruption of politics, and it’s is for adults. So I’m fairly unimpressed that when writing a character brief for Twelve, Moffat seems to have just been like, “Right then, well everyone loves Malcolm Tucker, so we’ll just make him Space Malcolm Tucker! But without the swears.” 

I’m actually enjoying S8 way more than S7 or S6, which is a testament to Jenna and Peter (or maybe and anti-testament to Eleven) but I think it’s ludicrous to twist oneself into knots trying to find a way that the male hero of a family show insulting the appearance of his female costar several times per episode is somehow a stroke of genius. It’s derivative and unnecessary and the lowest hanging fruit imaginable.




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